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December 21, 2022

How to find a reliable BGA repair platform manufacturer, Shenzhen as a window of vision, all fields have incomparable competitive advantages. As far as the PCBA base repair field is concerned, with the rapid development of BGA application field more and more widely, to repair BGA chip enterprises gradually increase, that for Shenzhen BGA repair table buyers, how to know Shenzhen BGA repair table manufacturer which is strong? Below follow Xiaobian I go back and forth.

1. First, select the capable market performance and reputation of BGA repair Taiwan manufacturers, here strongly recommend Datafeng Technology like many world-class customers have purchased Datafeng technology BGA repair machinery and equipment, the overall strength is strong. Under normal circumstances, the capable BGA repair platform manufacturers pay special attention to their own brand reputation can obtain the affirmation of large factories. And some small factories, their machinery and equipment are basically by buying spare parts everywhere, by piecing together together, this kind of product quality, reliability, stability is obvious. The poor quality of the BGA repair machine will inevitably affect the later production of the products.

2. After selecting the Shenzhen BGA repair platform manufacturers that meet their own requirements, it is best to do a good job of field investigation. Field investigation can see the appearance of the machinery and equipment, the cost, the enterprise size, the working environment and so on. If the conditions are really limited under the premise also need to minimum on the Internet to further understand them.

3. Look at the R&D capability and production capacity of the manufacturer. At the present stage of high-tech development before each passing day, in the past those pure sales to consider the ability of manufacturers has been unreliable, a BGA repair equipment manufacturers without their own core technology does not have the ability to research and development, is bound to be unable to keep up with the rapid development of the welding manufacturing industry requirements, will be abandoned by The Times. At the same time, research and development ability is also an important test to keep up with the current situation of automated BGA welding production and manufacturing needs. And the production capacity is whether the manufacturer can timely provide sufficient BGA repair machine equipment to meet the requirements of production and manufacturing.

4. When the above three conditions are met, we also need to consider the after-sales service of the manufacturer of the BGA repair platform, which is the basic guarantee for timely solution in case of problems with the BGA repair platform. Like Da Tai Feng technology has a professional after-sales service team, the nationwide 24 hours waiting. Any problem can be dealt with in time.

5. On the premise that all conditions are similar, the configuration is similar, and the production and manufacturing needs can be met, we also need to do a better job on the price of BGA repair table, and select the BGA repair table manufacturer with the highest cost performance and basic guarantee. In Shenzhen, it is easy to find many manufacturers selling BGA repair table, but if your repair requirements are higher, and the cost control is more strict, it is better to know about Datafeng Technology BGA repair table. Fully automatic BGA repair table in the true sense, fully automatic welding removal.

The above is about Shenzhen BGA repair Taiwan manufacturer which strong? Good BGA repair platform manufacturer selection of methods and steps, are in this way to select steps, hope to help you!


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