Can BGA repair iPhone chips

December 21, 2022

Can BGA repair iPhone chips? Many people who do not know much about the BGA repair table will ask this question. In fact, with the continuous improvement of equipment in the field of BGA repair, the usual mobile phone chip can be easily repaired. At this stage, the mobile phone chip is more difficult to repair the number of iphone13 mobile phone chip, see iphone13 mobile phone BGA and BGA between the precise situation, Presumably, many people think there is no way to repair a chip like this. In fact, the use of Datafeng BGA repair table can easily repair the iphone13 chip.

BGA repair table repair iphone13 mobile phone chip method steps

The first step using BGA repair platform repair iphone13 mobile phone chip and repair the general chip is not the same, repair the general chip is usually directly remove the damaged BGA, and repair iphone13 mobile phone chip the first step is to remove the glue, this thin layer of glue to remove it is not easy, the most important thing is to adjust the temperature and need to have enough patience, If the BGA repair table is not good, it is easy to damage the mobile phone chip.

After removing the glue on the iphone13 mobile phone chip, at this time to select the corresponding BGA air nozzle and suction nozzle on the mobile phone chip, and then set the corresponding temperature curve correctly. Now the mobile phone chip is generally the use of lead-free tin ball, the melting point is about 217℃. After selecting the air nozzle used for repairing the mobile phone chip on the BGA repair table, the mobile phone chip can be fixed on the BGA repair table, and then the red dot is positioned in the central position of the BGA chip to determine the mounting height.

When using the BGA repair table to repair the mobile phone chip, the temperature curves of diswelding and welding can be set to the same group, and then the mode of disassembling can be converted on the touch screen. Click the repair key, and then the removal of the damaged mobile phone chip can be completed. At this time, the solder of the pad should be removed, the new mobile phone chip placed well, and the transfer to the mount mode. The mounting head will automatically drop, put the BGA on the pad, wait for the nozzle will automatically rise 2~3mm for heating. After the temperature curve is completed, the heating head will automatically rise to the initial position, and the welding is completed.

According to the above methods and steps can be a good solution to the problem of bga repair Taiwan repair mobile phone, if you do not understand the method of BGA repair Taiwan repair iphone13 mobile phone chip, then you can refer to the video or directly consult Shenzhen Da Tai Feng technology.


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