How much is a BGA ball planting machine?

December 22, 2022

How much is a BGA ball planting machine? Subsequently, the chip is widely used in various fields, and the amount of chip repair is also very large. The repair specifically includes the four processes of dismantling, tin removal, ball planting and welding. It can be seen that BGA ball planting machine is specifically used in the stage of ball planting, which is an indispensable part of the chip repair workflow. How much does a BGA planting machine cost? The price of BGA planting machine is different according to the user's repair requirements, and the price is also different. Next Xiaobian I give you a brief introduction to the price difference of BGA ball planting machine.

Function characteristics are not the same as the price is not the same

BGA ball planting machine how much money according to the functional characteristics are not the same, ball planting machine can be divided into automatic BGA ball planting machine, semi-automatic ball planting machine, manual BGA ball planting machine, BGA laser ball planting machine, in view of the functional difference in price is relatively large, like automatic BGA ball planting machine price is usually above 200,000, semi-automatic ball planting machine price is above 5-10 million, And manual BGA ball planting machine is usually about 50,000 yuan can be purchased, laser ball planting machine price in 100,000.

It's made in different places and at different prices

As we all know, the price of imported BGA ball planting machine and domestic brand ball planting machine must be completely different, and the imported one will be related to the customs declaration fee and transportation fee. Some of these extra costs will increase to the user's body, if not necessarily to buy imported equipment, buy domestic BGA planting machine can also meet the needs of the recommended direct purchase of domestic equipment, for example, the Korean automatic BGA planting machine their actual market price is 100,000, then he sold to us at least 200,000. If there is even worse after-sales problems, we can not find after-sales maintenance personnel to repair, so that the equipment has become a decoration, often a waste of money and time. So you do not have to blindly dote on foreign when buying planting ball machine, imported planting ball machine compared with domestic is not necessarily good, at least in the after-sales view of domestic brands have the advantage.

For planting ball technology is not the same price is not the same

Each BGA planting machine factory production equipment planting process is not the same as the ball planting machine price is not the same, such as high precision BGA planting ball, then it is necessary to choose high precision BGA planting machine manufacturers, like Tai Feng technology professional production and development of BGA planting equipment, can plant the ball chip size in 2X2-62X62mm, In line with most of the current high precision chip planting ball requirements, the price is much cheaper than imported Japanese planting ball machine.

In a word, a point of price, a point of goods, do not have to look at the price in the selection of BGA planting machine, at the same time referring to the price of BGA planting machine at the same time for the process, the overall strength of the manufacturer, efficiency, etc. are to understand and buy better, in the end, BGA planting machine is a large equipment to be used for a long time, It's penny wise and pound foolish if it breaks down within a few months. About bga ball planting machine How much does one cost? bga planting machine price Xiaobian I will introduce you here, I hope to help you.


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