Difference between selective wave soldering and wave soldering

December 22, 2022

Selective wave soldering is another major welding process in the production and processing of soldering tin in PCBA, mainly used in the welding process of pcb board plug-in. Therefore, when the welding material is melted, another welding wave phenomenon will be generated in the operation of the machine, so it is called selective wave welding. Selective wave welding can be mainly divided into two kinds, the other is the traditional sense wave welding, a selective wave welding, the two are different, so let's discuss what is selective wave welding and what is the difference between it and the traditional sense selective wave welding.

Selective wave soldering is also known as selective welding because it is different from traditional wave soldering. In the traditional sense, the welding surface of the entire PCB circuit board is coated with flux, and the PCB welding surface will be completely immersed into the melted tin during the welding process. However, selective wave welding is different. Selective wave soldering can set welding parameters of each welding on the circuit board, such as flux spraying position, welding process time, wave crest height, etc. Therefore, selective wave welding can not only avoid spraying flux for welding, but also only contact welding materials in the welding process area.

It is also the selective wave soldering in spraying flux can only be sprayed at the welding position, so it not only saves the use of flux, but also greatly reduces the production of flux residue, and so in the welding process, only the welding position will be in contact with the welding material, so not only saves the amount of tin, but also reduces the occurrence of tin slag phenomenon, In addition, the volume of selective wave soldering is smaller and does not take up much space, and its own table, can adapt to various shapes of PCB board, so it also saves the cost of various fixtures.

Above this is the advantage of selective wave welding, in addition to this advantage selective wave welding also has some disadvantages, one is relatively high price, because now selective wave welding technology level is relatively high, machinery and equipment is very leading so the price of machinery and equipment is much more expensive than the traditional meaning selective wave welding, and because it is the choice of precision welding, Each welding requires a professional application to control, so its work efficiency is relatively high. The above is about the "selective wave welding and wave welding differences" in detail, expect to have some effect on everyone!


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