Automatic BGA repair table recommended

December 23, 2022

Repair table. That which manufacturer's BGA repair table automation is high, the author recommends to everyone the automatic BGA repair table all demolition and welding process without manual operation, high degree of automation.

The manufacturer recommends Datafeng Technology. Although the basic working principle of the BGA repair platform is similar to that of SMT reflow soldering, the repair precision of the automatic welding application of the BGA repair platform is higher than that of SMT reflow soldering. The BGA chip alignment can be performed manually and automatically, and the repair temperature can be displayed on the touch screen in real time. It can facilitate the repair technicians to deal with the abnormal temperature situation in time. Some people say that the process and precision of the CPU is too high, generally there is no way to repair, in fact, this view is wrong, but it is not the right BGA repair table, like Da Tai Feng technology BGA repair table automatic welding application, can easily repair this kind of CPU.

As is known to all, if you want to have the ability to quickly operate the BGA repair table, you can learn to automate the welding of the BGA repair table in a morning. At first, only a few boards are used to practice setting the temperature curve, and then there is no need to reset the temperature curve of the BGA repair table when repairing the chip. As long as the PCBA substrate is fixed, the machine will automatically repair the chip according to the set temperature curve, so if the budget is sufficient, I still recommend to buy Da Tai Feng technology manufacturer automatic BGA repair table. Automatic welding BGA repair table manufacturer's machinery and equipment will generally have automatic optical alignment function, if there is no optical alignment function of the BGA repair table can not be said to be automatic application, because after repair do not know whether the tin ball is installed.

The above is the product functions and characteristics of the automatic welding chip BGA repair table manufacturer Datafeng Technology, which is recommended by the author. If you want to buy machines and equipment with high efficiency of automatic welding application in bga repair table, Datafeng Technology is your best choice. Many global Top 500 companies are cooperating with Datafeng Technology, and the quality is guaranteed. Cost-effective compared with other automatic welding BGA repair table is higher, want to know more can consult Da Tai Feng technology.


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