BGA repair table how to choose, these common sense I hope you know!

December 23, 2022

If you are a company's BGA repair table procurement, the first thing you should consider is how to reduce the cost. The cost here does not mean the cost of equipment, but often means the time cost, labor cost and repair success rate cost. Only by referring to the above three points to select the manufacturer can it be regarded as a cost-effective BGA repair platform in line with the standard. That BGA repair platform how to choose, Xiaobian will give you a detailed explanation of the cost-effective BGA repair platform how to choose.

How to choose suitable BGA repair platform is the most important, so first of all, we should establish the size of the repaired PCBA base plate. If the area of the repaired PCBA base plate is too small for BGA repair platform, it can not preheat the whole PCBA base plate, which will lead to deformation of the board, bubble, yellow, warping, fault and other various phenomena when heating at the back. So buy BGA repair table should choose repair range than PCBA substrate area.

Temperature accuracy is a key issue to be considered in the selection of BGA repair platform. In the process of BGA repair, the positive and negative temperature difference should not exceed 3℃, and the smaller the temperature difference, the better. However, this situation is not absolute, need to be based on different chip repair requirements, if you want to close spacing BGA chip welding, the temperature difference between BGA and BGA must be standard. The temperature of tin ball between adjacent BGA should be lower than 183℃. How to choose BGA repair platform is to consider these details.

There are many kinds of BGA repair platform models and prices, the BGA repair platform how to choose, Xiaobian I share a method, that is to try to choose a perfect function, like two temperature area and three temperature area BGA repair platform compared, do not in order to save money later regret, or have to choose three temperature area BGA repair platform. Optical alignment and non-optical alignment BGA repair table compared, still have to choose optical alignment, if not later you want to change also can't change. The repair yield of Datafeng optical counterpoint BGA repair table is more than 97% higher than that of non-optical counterpoint.

The above is a small series for you to introduce the BGA repair platform how to choose? Which BGA repair platform cost-effective all the content, in fact, very simple truth according to the basic function you want to choose, suitable for their own is important, BGA repair platform how to choose cost-effective manufacturers, then you need to find a few more to understand. Which one repair success rate is higher, which one is a good manufacturer.


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