What are the good and bad measures of BGA repair table quality?

December 23, 2022

What are the good and bad measures of BGA repair table quality? ,BGA repair table, that is,BGA welding table, there are many people because of the BGA repair industry do not know much, how to judge the quality of BGA repair table is good or bad, has become a hot issue for new consumers to consult. So let's talk about how do we judge that?

The quality of BGA repair table is good or bad, mainly depends on the quality of the configuration equipment, so it is necessary to understand the main accessories of BGA repair table -- BGA repair table host, temperature control system, alignment system, automatic removal system, multifunctional safety protection system, flexibility and easy to use PCBA placement platform, etc., the next is the specific judgment criteria:

1. We all know that whether the temperature can be accurately controlled directly affects the repair yield of BGA chip. At present, there are three temperature area BGA repair table and two temperature area BGA repair table on the market, and the equipment in the three temperature area is more accurate than the equipment in the two temperature area temperature control, and the repair yield is high.

2. Alignment system, whether the alignment can be accurate, whether the corresponding position can be matched according to different PCBA substrate colors;

3. Whether the machine and equipment of the automatic dismantling system can automatically operate the different working processes of dismantling and welding. In the operation flow of disassembling electronic devices, the machine and equipment will automatically pick up the electronic devices and separate the PCB after heating is completed. It can avoid the cooling of electronic devices that cannot be removed or the welding pad falls off due to excessive force caused by the human factor operation lagging behind the heating of the machine and equipment. In the operation process of attaching electronic devices, after the centering is completed, the machine and equipment will automatically operate the placing, heating and cooling of the whole process to prevent manual placing deviation, and the qualified rate of the repaired products can reach 100%.

4 multifunctional safety protection system is very important, to check the sensitivity and accuracy of the safety protection system system, three parts of the heating system temperature increase also pay attention to, must reach the qualified book temperature;

5. Flexible and easy to use PCBA substrate placement platform, can be flexible up and down left and right, with the Angle adjustment of electronic devices and the flexibility of the area heater movement, so that any size and shape of PCBA can be easily placed;

Many customers in the purchase of BGA repair equipment, according to the above standardization to choose the case, it is not a difficult thing to buy high quality equipment. Here we strongly recommend the industry-leading PCBA substrate repair process and equipment overall solution manufacturer -- Datafeng Technology, recommend to customers is the most advanced equipment quality, high quality service level, if there is a purchase demand, welcome to consult Datafeng technology.


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