High precision BGA repair table repair profiled BGA patch solution

December 24, 2022

High precision BGA repair table can repair special-shaped BGA patch, the first step we should know the special-shaped BGA patch is mainly caused by which kind of abnormal reasons, different types of reasons caused by abnormal repair, repair is different, of course, if you use a high precision BGA repair table repair a wide range of special-shaped BGA patch.

We should first establish in which case to repair special-shaped BGA patch, under normal circumstances using high precision BGA repair table before reflow found BGA patch offset, this time to add solder paste to correct again, this kind of treatment is used when the offset is not much, if the offset is very large, then you need to use special tools to paste again, The effective way is to rely on the shape and screen frame to match, of course, this method is generally used manually or semi-automatic high precision BGA repair table will appear, if the use of automatic high precision BGA repair table can avoid the problem of patch displacement.

Using high precision BGA repair table to repair profiled BGA patch will also lead to abnormal patch if the wrong operation of reflow welding. If the chip is relatively small, it needs to use a hot air gun to heat and weld. This method has high requirements for the repair workers. If it is not used, it will lead to the failure of the shaped BGA patch. If the chip is very large, it can be repaired with a high precision BGA repair table. Because the high precision BGA repair table has the image alignment function, it can replace the manual welding paste, and the repair yield is higher than that of the manual patch.


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