How many kinds of BGA package welding?

December 27, 2022

BGA is a kind of chip soldered on the circuit board, which is a new packaging method. BGA welding, is to weld the BGA chip, packaging BGA welding operation mode mainly has two kinds, one is to use automatic BGA repair platform welding, one is to manually weld the BGA chip, these two methods you can choose their own way to operate, Xiaobian will give you a simple introduction to the two BGA welding mode.

1, using automatic BGA repair table welding

2. (1) Prepare the automatic BGA repair table, fix the BGA chip on the PCBA substrate support, and then set the repair temperature curve. The melting point of the solder paste with lead is 183℃/, and that without lead is 217℃. At present, the temperature rise rate of lead-free chip is generally controlled within 1.2~5℃/s(second) in preheating zone, 160~190℃ in holding zone, and 235~245℃ in reflow zone.

(2) The image alignment system is used to find the specific location of the BGA chip to be dismantled and welded. This process requires the BGA repair table to have a high-definition image system. The automatic BGA repair table of Datafen Technology uses a point-to-point alignment mode. It can also combine different colors according to different PCB boards, so that the alignment is more accurate.

(3) BGA disassembly and welding, automatic BGA repair platform DEZ-R880A, can automatically identify different processes of disassembly and installation, after the machine and equipment heating can automatically pick up components and PCB separation, this effectively avoids the manual BGA process caused by improper efforts to fall off the pad and damage the device. The machine can also automatically neutralize and weld, and the repair success rate reaches 100%.

The advantage of using automatic BGA repair table welding BGA is the high degree of automation, to prevent the temperature in the manual welding link did not reach disassembly or improper efforts caused by the welding disc off, but also automatic alignment and automatic heating, to prevent the shift of artificial stick, usually for medium and large enterprises this method is more suitable. Can reduce the appearance of defective products greatly save labor costs.

2, manual welding BGA chip method

(1) Heat up to 150~200 degrees Celsius with a heat gun, and then heat up for 1 minute, the upper and lower glue will melt and become brittle. At this time, it is necessary to gently remove the glue around the BGA with a sharp blade or clip. After removing the glue around the BGA, fix the PCB, and then find a spot to start, and then adjust the temperature of the heat gun to 280~300 degrees Celsius. Heat up for about 15 to 30 seconds and gently pick the corners of the BGA with a clip or knife. At this point, the BGA can be pulled up.

(2), and then use the clamp gently clip it, this process can not touch the side of the BGA so as not to destroy the adjacent BGA, this situation always occurs when the artificial BGA welding, if the precision requirements are high or have to use the automatic BGA repair table for welding. Then turn the heat gun to 150 to 200 degrees Celsius to remove the glue completely. Then gently press the tin absorbing wire on the BGA pad with the soldering iron and drag gently until the pad is flat.

(3), on the BGA pad symmetrical coating welding paste (0.1mm up and down, be sure not to put more, will bubble, the top of your alignment of BGA). Then put BGA on MARK, and heat up vertically and evenly with heat gun. After you see the process of automatic calibration of BGA, the heating will continue for 5 seconds, OK, the temperature is 280~300 degrees Celsius, the time depends on the size of BGA. 20~30 seconds of 10*10mm is appropriate.


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