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December 27, 2022

Some friends in view of the lack of money, but also want to buy a BGA repair table, it may choose to buy second-hand BGA repair table, that buy second-hand BGA repair table in the end is good, the author searched some information on the Internet summed up the experience of buying and selling BGA repair table on the network, today to share, can also give you a reference role.

First of all, if you want to buy second-hand BGA repair table on the network, the most important thing is to see whether the brand of the repair table is reliable, if you want to buy domestic production brand, and the brand price is not expensive, it is recommended that you buy the new machine directly, attributed to thousands of dollars of items, if others sell you hundreds or dozens of pieces, Must be a lot of problems, estimated repair yield is very low. If it is easy to use equipment others generally will not sell.

Therefore, among the many manufacturers that buy and sell BGA repair tables on the network, it is necessary to choose a reliable manufacturer's model to buy. It is best to buy after field investigation, because you do not know whether the second-hand BGA repair table is suitable for you to use if you have not seen the physical object or tried the equipment. It's a waste of money if it doesn't fit.

Normal words sold on the network second-hand BGA repair table price is about 500-6000 pieces, different brand and equipment of the old and new degree and equipment repair function and so on have affected the price of BGA repair table. Like a brand of second-hand BGA repair table before I saw someone for 2000 yuan. In fact, such a price segment can only deal with the simple BGA repair problem, pure waste of money function and little effect.

The above points are small series through the network to buy and sell second-hand BGA repair table summed up the experience, only for reference. It is suggested that if you have enough budget or order a new BGA repair table is better, more convenient to operate and can also docking manufacturers, after-sales service warranty service, these are to buy second-hand BGA repair table does not have.


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