Tools and methods for disassembling and welding close-spaced BGA chips

December 27, 2022

Close-spaced BGA chips usually refer to two adjacent BGA with an interval of less than 0.5mm, and Chip0201/01005 is a representative chip. This kind of close interval repair difficulty coefficient is very high, if the temperature control is not accurate in the repair link, it will be easy to burn the surrounding BGA. Then how to do the demolition and welding of the close interval BGA chip? Datafeng Technology Xiaobian has sorted out the methods and steps for you, and provides the BGA repair platform welding teaching video for learning.

Close spaced BGA chip removal welding method steps

In the first step, we need to prepare a BGA repair table and 1 piece of close-spaced BGA chip, camera and welding paste tool to be repaired. Here Xiaobian arranges for you is Da Tai Feng technology fully automatic BGA repair platform DT-F750, because the use of DT-F750 to do a good job of dismantling and welding Chip01005 these chips, can be quickly carried out, if you have high requirements for repair yield it is recommended that you also use fully automatic BGA repair platform DT-F750 for operation.

Then we need to fix the Chip01005 in the temperature control zone. The DT-F750 is a PCBA placement platform that can move forward and backward left and right, with component Angle adjustment and zone heater activation movement. It can be used for PCBA placement of any size and shape. After the close-spaced chip is clamped, we also need to gently move the chip with our hands to see if it is clamped firmly, so as to prevent the chip from falling and damaging in the heating process.

After confirming that the chip clip is stable, we can turn on the power of the BGA repair table and adjust the temperature curve suitable for dismantling. DT-F750 can quickly and automatically generate the ideal repair temperature curve. The machine can pull out the generated temperature curve on the development curve page and test again to improve the temperature curve, so as to ensure that the temperature compensation during the dismantling and welding of the BGA repair table can meet the requirements.

Then, the micro-hot air heater at the bottom is raised to the position of the BGA chip. At this time, attention should be paid to the components at the bottom of the PCBA board, do not collide with the bottom heating nozzle, so as not to damage the BGA chip. After adjusting the position, these can be done to remove the chip welding heating, after a period of time, the machine will automatically remove the BGA to be removed. Then, after the alignment is completed, the machine will re-mount and weld the new BGA, and the whole BGA repair table welding process will be carried out here.

The above is about the dismantling and welding process of dense interval BGA chip. If you still don't understand the operation steps, then you can watch the welding teaching video of BGA repair table of Da Tai Feng Technology. It talks about the dismantling and welding of BGA repair table, hoping to help you.

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