Principle of X-RAY detection equipment

December 28, 2022

Every industry has some effective machine helpers. Today, we will talk about the rapid development of the electronic industry of the right-hand man "X-RAY detection equipment", I believe that in this industry work friends have a certain understanding. This article summarizes the principle and application field of X-RAY detection equipment for you, so that you can quickly master after reading.

I. Principle of X-RAY detection equipment

1.X-RAY equipment usually makes use of the penetration effect of X-ray rays, which have a very short wavelength and high energy. When it irradiates on a substance, the substance can only absorb a small part, while most of the X-ray energy will pass through the gap between the atoms of the substance, showing strong penetration ability.

2. X-RAY equipment can detect the relationship between X-ray penetration and substance density, and this property can distinguish substances of different densities through absorption differences. Therefore, if the detected object breaks. Different thickness, shape changes, different absorption of X-rays, images are also different, can bring differentiation of black and white images.

3. It can be used for IGBT semiconductor detection. BGA chip detection. LED strip inspection. PCB bare board inspection. Testing of lithium batteries - non-destructive testing of aluminium castings.

4. In simple terms, it is based on the use of non-destructive micro-focus X-RAY equipment to derive high-quality optical perspective images, and then convert the signal received by the flat panel detector. All the functions of the operation software can be completed with a mouse, easy to use. Standard high-performance X-RAY tubes can detect defects up to 5μm, and some X-ray devices can detect defects up to 2.5μm, with system magnification up to 1000 times, and objects can be moved and tilted. X-RAY device can perform manual or automatic detection and generate detection data report with one click.

2. Application field of X-RAY detection equipment

1. Industrial X-RAY detection equipment is widely used in lithium battery detection, circuit board, semiconductor packaging, automobile, circuit board assembly and other battery industry (PCBA) industry, to observe and measure the position and shape of the internal objects after packaging, find problems, confirm whether the product is qualified, observe the internal situation.

2. Specific application scope: Mainly used for: SMT.LED.BGA.CSP flip chip inspection, semiconductor. Packaging components. Lithium battery industry, electronic components. Automotive parts. Photovoltaic industry, aluminium die casting. Check molding plastics, ceramic products and other special industries.

Above is the small series to share today, I hope to help you, if you want to know more about X-RAY detection equipment information, welcome to consult Shenzhen Da Taifeng Technology.


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