Introduction to BGA welding working principle and method

December 28, 2022

BGA is a class of chips soldered on a circuit board, which is a new form of packaging. BGA welding is to weld the BGA chip, the characteristics of BGA chip is that the pin is not around, but at the bottom of the chip with matrix array of tin beads as the pin, BGA is just the name of its packaging, but all this kind of packaging form of chip is called BGA, this kind of chip welding difficulty coefficient is much higher than other types of chip welding. Not easy to attach and weld, not easy to detect problems not easy to repair. This is the basic principle of BGA welding.

Packaging BGA welding operation methods generally have two kinds, one is the use of fully automatic BGA repair platform welding, one is artificial BGA chip welding, these two ways you can consider their own way to work, Xiaobian will give you a specific introduction to the fully automatic BGA repair platform welding method.

1. Prepare the automatic BGA repair table in advance, fix the BGA chip on the PCBA substrate support, and then set the repair temperature curve. The melting point of the solder paste with lead is 183℃/, and that without lead is 217℃. At present, it is widely used that the temperature in the preheating zone of lead-free chip is controlled at 1.2~5℃/s(second), the temperature in the holding zone is controlled at 160~190℃, and the peak temperature in the reflow zone is set at 235~245℃.

2. The image alignment system is used to find out the location of the BGA chip that needs to be disassembled and welded. This step requires the BGA repair table to have a high-definition image system. Can also be based on different PCB board using different colors for combination, so that more accurate alignment.

3, BGA disassembly and welding, automatic BGA repair platform DEZ-R880A, can automatically detect and identify the disassembly and installation of different processes, to be heated after the machine can automatically pick up components and PCB separation, this effectively avoid manual welding BGA in the case of improper strength caused by the welding plate fall off damaged devices, the machine can also automatically neutralize and automatically stick welding, The success rate of repair reached 100%.

The advantage of automatic BGA repair table welding BGA is a high level of automation, Shenzhen Da Tai Feng technology to avoid the appearance of artificial welding temperature did not reach disassembly or improper strength caused by the pad off, but also automatic alignment and automatic heating, to avoid artificial placement of the shift, generally speaking for medium and large enterprises this method is very suitable. Can reduce the formation of defective products greatly save labor costs.


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