X-ray penetration detection principle in X-ray detector is described

December 29, 2022

X-ray detector can not only carry out fluoroscopic inspection of various sensors, but also carry out nondestructive inspection of various electronic components, with complete functions. Electronic equipment manufacturers usually inspect most parts of the X-ray machine after purchasing it, greatly saving the cost of purchasing testing equipment.

So how are the X-rays produced and detected inside the X-ray machine for the sensor? This actually comes from X-rays produced by the internal X-ray machine. X-ray is a kind of electromagnetic wave, its wavelength is short, wavelength range between 0.0006--80nm, this electromagnetic wave has a strong penetration ability, can penetrate different densities of substances, and for some visible light can not penetrate the article also has good penetration. This invisible ray can produce visible light in many solid materials, sensitizing photographic negatives and ionizing air, among other effects.

So when we see the X-ray detector examining the parts, we see a black-and-white picture.

X-rays are produced by colliding accelerated electrons with metal targets. During the collision, the electrons suddenly slow down and the lost kinetic energy (1% of it) is released as photons, producing a continuous portion of the X-ray spectrum called braking radiation. As the acceleration voltage increases, the energy carried by the electrons increases, and the internal electrons of the metal atoms may be knocked out. As a result, the inner layer creates pores, and surface electrons jump back into the inner layer to fill the pores, releasing photons with wavelengths of about 0.1 nanometers. Lead is commonly used in industry to block the leakage of X-rays.

At present, with the rapid development of smart phones, consumer electronics, Internet of Things, automotive electronics and general technology, the requirements for accuracy, accuracy and detection efficiency are also rising. In the past, relying on manual inspection to identify products made it difficult to adapt to fast-paced, automated assembly line work, especially with short labor costs and testing efficiency and difficult to break through testing restrictions. Now with X-RAY detection technology, labor cost is greatly reduced, detection efficiency is rapidly improved, detection technology breakthroughs.


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