How much is the general price of bga repair platform

December 29, 2022

With the more and more widely used BGA chips, the BGA chip repair industry is a promising industry at present. In order to save costs, many enterprises generally make the chips that can be repaired and use them again after repair. At this time, BGA repair table is needed to be purchased. The same is the supplier procurement to pay attention to the problem. BGA repair table is an important guarantee condition for the success rate of BGA chip repair.

BGA repair table can be divided into automatic BGA repair table, semi-automatic BGA repair table and manual BGA repair table. Automatic BGA repair table is a kind of different processes that can automatically identify disassembly and assembly. In the process of disassembly of components, the machine will automatically pick up the components and separate them from PCB after heating, which can avoid the loss of welding pad caused by artificial work lagging behind the machine heating. When mounting, it can automatically complete the whole process of centering, pasting, heating and cooling, and the repair rate can reach 100%.

Semi-automatic and manual BGA repair table in the chip repair need to manually separate the components, at this time to control the heating temperature and degree of strength, if the temperature does not reach or excessive force, it is easy to lead to the loss of the pad, in the installation of the time is also very careful to prevent artificial placement dislocation.

BGA repair table price, we understand the characteristics of BGA repair table, we also come to know how much is the price of various types of BGA repair table, non-optical machine is generally thousands of a, optical BGA repair table is generally from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the market price comes from the network, can only be used as a reference application. In fact, we can also refer to many aspects, so that we can understand more deeply. If you want to know more about the information content of BGA repair table, you can search Da Tai Feng technology to see.

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