Main board BGA repair welding method analysis

December 30, 2022

Motherboard BGA repair welding method method steps are more complex, in strict accordance with the exact operating steps to go, otherwise BGA repair welding can not be successful. The motherboard BGA welding specific method steps for BGAIC positioning, then BGA removal, cleaning pad, and then BGA welding. The following by Da Tai Feng technology BGA repair platform manufacturer Xiaobian for you to introduce the operation steps in detail.

First, motherboard BGA repair pin welding method

In view of the motherboard BGA pin is relatively dense, usually can not be directly from the top lead, to dislocation through the hole led to the bottom, in addition to the outermost pin.

Two, BGA repair welding process solder configuration

The solder solution is applied to the top pad and the pad outlet hole, and then applied to the bottom pad outlet hole. The rosin of the solution must be clean, and the water for washing the plate must be clean.

Three, BGA chip pin must be right to welding success

The motherboard BGA chip to the pin, this is the most difficult, but roughly right, for the pin can not touch the adjacent pin pad lead through the hole.

Four, motherboard BGA repair rosin melting point setting

Blow with a hot air gun, blow the bottom of the pad leads through the hole, blow the lead through the hole of the pad, pay special attention to the hot air gun can not add the blow head, so as to avoid uneven heating, it is best to directly use coarse blowing, usually can even heating, because the chip area of the BGA package is not big. The pins on BGA chips melt easily. Ten seconds or so, just until the rosin smoke clears.

Five, cleaning BGA

After the above four steps, to wash the board with clean water to remove the rosin black, here is basically completed the motherboard BGA repair welding work.

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