What kind of package does the notebook CPU use, how to repair?

December 30, 2022

How to repair the laptop CPU, about this problem, Datafeng technology as a professional BGA repair equipment manufacturer to find a technical engineer can give you a detailed answer, if we need to repair the laptop CPU, it must be clear what kind of packaging form of the laptop CPU is PGA or BGA. The method of determination is as follows:

At present, the laptop on the market is usually PGA and BGA package, which PGA package is the original factory with pins (pins are alloy material, high current and high temperature resistance),PGA package CPU is plugged into the socket on the motherboard, easy to replace, such a laptop CPU repair relatively simple.

There is a package is BGA, no pins, is directly welded to the motherboard, not replaceable. There is a high degree of difficulty to repair a laptop CPU like this, Generally, it is necessary to weld down, using welding on the circuit board base, the circuit board behind the other pin or pin, the seat is better than the foot maintenance, the current resistance is larger, the worst foot, in the high temperature summer, after a long time of operation, because of more impurities in the material, high resistance, easy to heat, plus it is not resistant to ultra-high temperature, so it will cause the CPU is not Stable stuck or even burnt out, but in the case of good heat dissipation or low temperature, and normal CPU similar.

In addition, the cpus of PGA and BGA interfaces are basically divided into official version and ES version. The official version is mostly on the notebooks of computer manufacturers. It is known that the source of ES is basically from OEM. Some people say that the temperature of BGA plus feet is slightly higher 1~2 degrees, the reason is that there is more than a layer of circuit board, this theory says some influence, but the heat source of the CPU is the core, the core below itself is basically a thick circuit board, add a layer of basic no influence, and the CPU slot is plastic, is not used to heat, so as long as the point of light, Compared with the two, BGA is still the most cost-effective.

We through the above method to clear their own laptop CPU packaging technology, PGA, BGA, DIP, QFP, PFP and a series of packaging technology (pin is not the same), you can use the BGA repair table to repair it. When the cpu is replaced and repaired, remember to apply silicone grease, silicone grease is to heat the CPU, so that the CPU can work better. Silicone is very important in a laptop.


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