Repair welding requires the selection of appropriate bga repair platform, iPhone repair interface disassembly and weldin

December 30, 2022

Maintenance welding we most choose Datafeng bga repair table, both safe and convenient, high efficiency, fool type to complete the maintenance welding. Datafeng BGA repair table small to 350, 350D, 560 in the middle, high-end models is fragrant ten miles, customized models can also meet your diverse needs.

When welding plastic parts such as interfaces, the most important thing is to control the temperature of the heat gun. If the temperature of the heat gun is too high, the plastic parts such as interfaces are easy to be heated and deformed. When welding the heat gun of the interface on the motherboard of an iPhone, the temperature should not exceed 300 degrees.

Welding steps to remove the interface: Use the heat gun to set the temperature to 280 degrees, and the speed can be higher. First, use the heat gun to preheat the welding, then add an appropriate amount of flux to the pins on both sides of the interface, and use the heat gun to heat the interface evenly. After the tin melts, use tweezers to clamp the middle of one side of the interface and take it off the motherboard. Because the interface is easily deformed by tweezers at high temperature).

Welding procedure for attaching the interface: After the interface is taken off, see whether there is less tin on the motherboard interface pad. If there is less tin, use a soldering iron to add a little tin, add an appropriate amount of flux on the pad, use tweezers to clamp the interface to the motherboard interface pad and align with the pin of the pad, adjust the temperature of the hot air gun to 280 degrees, adjust to about 70 at full speed, heat gun to heat the interface vertically, (it should be noted that the hot air gun can not be tilted to heat the interface, Otherwise, the interface will be blown out of place when the wind is strong.

Also note that do not use tweezers to clamp the interface to align the motherboard interface pad while heating the motherboard with the heat gun, so that the interface has not been placed on the motherboard interface when the heat deformation in the air)

If the interface is not aligned during the heating process, gently push the interface with tweezers to make it aligned. After the tin melts, remove the heat gun to stop heating, and clean the flux on the mainboard after cooling.

Repair welding recommended to use Datafeng bga repair table, Apple phone repair interface disassembly and welding skills to share here. Need to know more about BGA repair table, x-ray testing equipment, x-ray point machine can search Datafeng.


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