How to choose domestic BGA repair table manufacturer?

December 30, 2022

A lot of visiting customers said, now want to buy BGA repair table, but in the search engine or B2B website above check, BGA repair table manufacturers have so many, are called the eye, and so many BGA repair table manufacturers, whose goods are good, the price and affordable? This is a real problem.

We all know that there are several major BGA repair table manufacturers in the world, such as DIC in Japan, Esha in Germany, Martin in Germany, SRT in the United States, etc. These BGA repair table manufacturers are the top several factories in the international shipment. But generally speaking, these factories have requirements on the quantity of orders, and the price is relatively high, and the technical support of BGA repair table products is also insufficient compared with domestic BGA repair table manufacturers, so it is somewhat difficult for some BGA repair table demand side to purchase these brands of BGA repair table.

Domestic BGA repair table manufacturers compared with several big international factories, the price and technical support degree are relatively superior, but we in the search engine and B2B platform to search domestic BGA repair table manufacturers, how to choose? I think this first depends on what type of BGA repair table we need. For example, we need to buy a BGA repair table supporting small size chips, such as the minimum support of 1×1mm chips, the larger support of more than 100×100mm chips, etc. At present, this threshold can screen out most crystal oscillator manufacturers. Special 1*1mm the size of the crystal oscillator products, there are only a few options.

The second is to look at the strength of the BGA repair table manufacturer. Through the early visit to the factory, we can understand the strength of the BGA repair table manufacturer, whether the high-end and low-end products of the BGA repair table are fully satisfied, the production process of the BGA repair table, the hard and soft strength of the certificate obtained by the factory, and the reliability test conditions and time of the BGA repair table. BGA repair table delivery time and other factors should be considered; We also need to consider the brand awareness in the BGA repair table industry. Also consider the product after-sales technical support, BGA repair table product testing and other related technical support, which are needed to be considered when we choose the manufacturer of BGA repair table.

To sum up, we can quickly choose the suitable BGA repair table manufacturer. Here, we hope that our customers can come to Shenzhen Da Tai Feng Technology Co., LTD., a BGA repair table and x-ray testing manufacturers for more than ten years, perhaps you are looking for the BGA repair table manufacturers.

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