BGA repair table instead of heat gun, what is the advantage?

December 31, 2022

With the development of SMT industry, the BGA repair process has been greatly improved or promoted in the field of BGA repair. In just 10 years, BGA repair has realized the transition from manual operation to automatic equipment operation, and the transition from random and low-quality repair to standardized, high-quality and efficient repair. In the recent 10 years, in our country, BGA the repair table has gradually replaced the traditional hot air guns, and is deeply involved in every SMT manufacturing plant, is also widely used in the repair mainboard individual maintenance household. So far, Datafeng Technology has been established for more than 14 years to witness the development history of this industry.

So why BGA repair table will be so favored by SMT factories and mainboard repair shops? Personally, I think the reasons are as follows:

First, improve the level of automated production, save labor costs. In the process of enterprise development and industrial structure optimization, labor cost has become a great hindrance factor, which seriously restricts the development of enterprises and reduces the benefits created by enterprises. In Shenzhen, the average salary of ordinary employees in SMT factories was about 700 in 2004, but it doubled to about 1,600 yuan in 2008. In 2015, the average salary of ordinary workers doubled to 3,600 yuan on the basis of 2008. Rising labor costs and land prices have driven many large production companies to move to second - and third-tier cities, or directly to Southeast Asia. Therefore, in the long-term development of enterprises, it is imperative to improve the automation level of each production link and reduce the input of personnel. The previous mode of production was "several people do the work of one post", while the current mode of production is "one person does the work of several posts". The use of BGA repair table greatly reduces the input of personnel and improves the production efficiency. The BGA repair process, including welding, tin removal, ball planting, mounting and welding, can be controlled in 1~2 people to complete.

Secondly, the BGA repair platform can be used for continuous production. In such an important position as BGA repair, very few employees can master the heat gun skillfully. There are some skilled old employees who can use the air gun well, but most employees still cannot master its use rule. In addition, in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Suzhou and other cities with developed electronic manufacturing, there are unstable characteristics of employee retention. The employees who are proficient in BGA repair today may quit in a few days, and it is difficult to find a suitable person to replace them. Once there is a vacancy, huge losses will be caused to the enterprise. BGA repair table, easy to use, easy to learn and understand, and can reduce the labor intensity of the operator. Therefore, choosing a repair tool that is easy to learn and understand and easy to operate should also be put on the production agenda of the enterprise as soon as possible.

Again, based on the industry's requirements for product quality. Shopping malls such as battlefield, in such a competitive business environment, superior quality and service is the fundamental survival of enterprises. On the one hand, the market demands higher and higher quality. On the other hand, the enterprise's own development needs. To do a good job of products, can not be easily eliminated by the market, to become bigger and stronger, do for a long time. In the process of BGA repair, it is known that the traditional heat gun will cause the deformation of PCB board and damage of BGA chip due to the sharp rise in temperature. Because the temperature is not uniform, often appear, false welding, false welding phenomenon. If such repaired products flow to the market, it will cause great trouble to the end users, and then have a significant impact on the enterprise. Then, the BGA repair table avoids the problems caused by the hot air gun. The upper and lower temperature zones are heated, the infrared preheating of PCB board in the middle, and the rising temperature step by step reduces the damage to PCB board and BGA chip to the minimum, greatly improving the success rate of repair and achieving better repair effect.

In addition, increasingly sophisticated electronic products, spacing is becoming smaller and smaller, 0.3mm, 0.4mm BGA chip is more and more widely used, the repair of such a small spacing chip, only the optical BGA repair table can be competent. BGA repair can realize BGA tin ball and PCB welding check point alignment.

In summary, BGA repair table with superior characteristics has gradually replaced the heat gun and become the mainstream of BGA repair and other SMT electronic components repair.

Datafeng BGA return repair platform conforms to the trend of The Times, under the leadership of Mr. Wen Quan, continue to work hard and actively innovate, will make greater contribution to the global BGA repair.

The trend of BGA repair stands replacing heat guns is irreversible.


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