BGA planting process of the operation flow

December 31, 2022

With the change of times, BGA is widely used, here we need to know what types of planting balls, such as :koses planting balls,ic chip planting balls. There are many ways to plant the ball, but no matter what kind of way to plant the ball, must use the BGA planting machine. In the planting link also use the planting ball steel mesh, if you are not very clear about the BGA planting process, then you can refer to the following steps.

1. Use the ball planting machine to select a piece of ball planting steel mesh matching the BGA welding plate, spread the ball welding evenly on the template, shake the ball planting machine, roll the excess ball welding from the template to the ball welding collection slot of the ball planting device, so that the template surface exactly in each hole to retain a ball welding.

2, the planting ball steel mesh to print good flux or solder paste BGA devices placed on the work table, flux or solder paste facing up. Prepare a template for matching BGA pads. The opening size of the template should be 0.05 ~ 0.1? Larger than the diameter of the ball. , the template is placed on the top of the BGA device printed with flux or welding paste, so that the distance between the template and the BGA is equal to or slightly less than the diameter of the welding ball, alignment under the microscope. Spread the welding balls evenly over the template and remove the excess balls with tweezers so that there is exactly one welding ball in each hole on the surface of the template. Remove the template, check and finish.

3, manual mounting, the printed flux or solder paste BGA device is placed on the workbench, flux or solder paste face up. Place the balls one by one as if they were patches using tweezers or blotting pens.

4, brush the right amount of solder paste method, processing template, the thickness of the template is thickened, and slightly enlarge the opening size of the template, the solder paste is directly printed on the pad of BGA. Due to the action of surface tension, the solder ball is formed after reflow welding.

5, re-flow welding, re-flow welding treatment, the welding ball is fixed on the BGA device.

6. After the ball planting process is realized after welding, the BGA devices shall be cleaned up, and quickly mounted and welded to prevent the oxidation of the ball and the devices from moisture.

In a word, BGA planting process and ic chip planting method are the same, if you just contact BGA planting repair process, then you can practice repeatedly, practice makes perfect, so as to achieve the perfect BGA planting method.


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