These points should be paid attention to when using BGA repair table to carry out BGA welding

January 03, 2023

With the completion of the allocation of Da Tai Feng automatic BGA repair platform, BGA welding repair experimental operation will be carried out soon. Today, by Da Tai Feng Technology BGA repair platform manufacturer Xiaobian I based on some early practical activities in this area, summed up some skills and BGA welding methods to communicate with you, limited ability, please take care of!

1, BGA chip welding position should be reasonable

When welding the BGA chip, the position should be adjusted reasonably to ensure that the chip is between the upper and lower air outlet, and the PCB must be pulled tightly to both ends with the fixture and fixed! To touch the motherboard motherboard does not shake as a benchmark. Fastening the PCB ensures that the PCB does not deform during the heating process, which is very important for us!

2, reasonable adjustment of preheating temperature.

Before BGA welding, the motherboard should be comprehensively preheated first, so as to effectively ensure that the motherboard does not deformation in the heating process and can be given temperature compensation for subsequent heating.

3. Please adjust the welding curve reasonably.

Take lead free as an example: after the end of the fourth curve, if the temperature does not reach 217 degrees, the temperature of the third and fourth curves should be raised appropriately according to the difference. For example, if the measured temperature is 205 degrees, the upper and lower outlet temperatures will be increased by 10 degrees. If the gap is large, for example, if the measured temperature is 195 degrees, the lower outlet temperature can be increased by 30 degrees, and the upper outlet temperature can be increased by 20 degrees. Pay special attention to the upper end temperature can not be increased too much to prevent damage to the chip! After the completion of heating, the measured value of 217 degrees is ideal. If it exceeds 220 degrees, the highest temperature reached by the chip before the end of the 5th curve should be observed, and 245 degrees should be avoided as much as possible. If it exceeds too much, the temperature set on the 5th curve can be appropriately reduced.

4, chip welding alignment must be accurate

Since everyone's repair table is equipped with infrared scanning imaging to assist the alignment, this is generally not a big problem. In the absence of infrared assistance, we can also refer to the box around the chip to match. Pay special attention to placing the chip in the middle of the box line as far as possible. Even a slight deviation is not a big problem, because there will be an automatic return process when the tin ball melts, and a slight deviation will automatically return to the right position.

To sum up, we should pay attention to the four points for attention of BGA welding in the process of using BGA repair table, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the repair yield of BGA chip.


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