Choose BGA repair table manufacturers should pay attention to these points

January 03, 2023

There are many manufacturers of BGA repair platform in mainland China, some of which are world famous brands, such as Datafeng Technology, but there are also many unreliable small manufacturers. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing BGA repair platform factory.

First, it is best to choose famous BGA repair table manufacturers, choose a well-known brand is not only to buy quality products, maintenance is more guaranteed, can make the equipment run longer. As for the price, you can contact BGA repair platform factory, do more comparison after investigation and then buy. Nowadays, the repair of BGA chips has higher and higher requirements on the quality of BGA repair table. Only by choosing large manufacturers can the quality be guaranteed, and the after-sales service will be more perfect. These are not what small companies can provide for you.

At the same time, if the products of small BGA repair station factory are selected, the design is likely to be unreasonable, which not only plays no role in the chip repair process, but also has a high failure rate of some equipment. In the repair process, the normal repair work will be delayed, and the maintenance investment is large, wasting a lot of money, but receiving no corresponding return. Therefore, we must choose a BGA repair station factory with good quality to ensure the elimination and control of possible problems in the chip repair process and ensure the smooth progress of the repair.

In general, excellent manufacturers can give BGA repair machinery and equipment plus a new layer of assurance, I suggest that we in the choice of BGA repair plant must visit the manufacturer, in the final analysis, seeing is believing, can not blindly compare prices in Baidu, so as not to be cheated, if you need to ask for help, you can see Da Tai Feng technology.


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