BGA repair equipment selection good maintenance costs will be less

January 04, 2023

BGA repair equipment purchase cost as little as tens of thousands, more than a million, its later maintenance costs will be a large expense. Then what should be done to reduce the maintenance cost of BGA repair equipment?

First of all, as a manufacturer of BGA repair table, we should strictly control the quality of spare parts. High-quality spare parts can not only improve the reliability of the whole system, but also extend the service life of BGA repair table equipment, and further improve the overall working performance. Therefore, the user must confirm the quality of the core parts and accessories with the manufacturer when purchasing BGA repair equipment, and it is best to visit the manufacturing capacity of the manufacturer.

Second, as the BGA repair equipment operator, before using the equipment must participate in professional systematic training, the production process should strengthen the maintenance and management of the equipment, detect the hidden problems to be dealt with in time, in order to extend the service life of the equipment.

The author believes that to reduce the maintenance cost of BGA repair table equipment, not a single one or two aspects of efforts can be solved, need to be done through the effective combination of all aspects, but the most basic and the most critical premise is to choose a high-quality BGA repair table equipment.

Shenzhen Da Tai Feng Technology Co., LTD. BGA repair table equipment, spare parts are used in the world's high-quality components, high quality, low equipment failure rate, users at the beginning of the use of BGA repair table equipment Da Tai Feng will also let technical personnel on-site training, and do a good job of simple guidance and training for the operation of BGA repair table equipment, Efforts should be made in all aspects to reduce the equipment failure rate of BGA repair table equipment, so as to reduce maintenance costs.


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