Automatic BGA repair table quotation, what are the advantages

January 04, 2023

Automatic BGA repair table has become a popular BGA chip repair machine equipment in the market, which has a great relationship with its product advantages and repair efficiency and many other factors. The following for automatic BGA repair table price, product advantages and other issues are elaborated.

First of all, let's analyze the characteristics of automatic BGA repair table?

1. In recent years, with the aging of the society, at the same time, with the increase of consumption power and prices, the salary of employees will rise, and the labor cost will become a large amount of capital investment. Automatic BGA repair table can automatically carry out the dismantling and welding operation process, the whole work is relatively simple, saving a lot of labor cost.

2. Nowadays, efficiency is wealth. Compared with manual BGA repair table, automatic BGA repair table is not much expensive in price, but the repair efficiency and repair yield of the former will be more than 80% higher than that of manual BGA repair table. If the labor cost is taken into account, the economic benefit is definitely several times that of a manual BGA repair table. It can help you realize the repair task better.

3. Automatic BGA repair platform saves freight and logistics waste in the production link and realizes effective operation in more aspects. It can bring more users and revenue to investors. Therefore, automatic BGA repair table has become the most popular type of BGA repair equipment in the market.

Second, about the automatic BGA repair table price analysis and elaboration

Whether automatic BGA repair table, or traditional manual BGA repair table, the quality of machinery and equipment is basically an important factor affecting its price. As the saying goes, a good price a good goods, the better the quality of the BGA repair platform, the higher the price will gradually be. Therefore, when customers buy automatic BGA repair table, they can not only stare at the low price of machinery and equipment, quality is the most important reason to ensure its good repair operation.


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