BGA repair table is not the same as the function of the price gap is large

January 04, 2023

BGA repair table is not the same function of the price gap is more, up to millions and then down to thousands of thousands of dollars will have. The price of BGA repair table with different specifications from the same manufacturer is different. What are the reasons that will affect its price? Datafeng BGA repair platform network through in-depth analysis and combing, summed up several BGA repair platform price factors, convenient for everyone to refer to.

1. Supply and demand of BGA repair table in the market

This is not difficult to understand, not only in the field of BGA repair table, but in all industries. Large demand, small supply, BGA repair table price comparison will be high; On the contrary, the price will be lower.

2. Brand manufacturer of BGA repair table

Brand awareness is particularly obvious in this era, famous manufacturers, their equipment prices are higher than unknown small manufacturers. Because well-known brand manufacturers have more strength, processing technology is more advanced, and the quality of their machinery and equipment is relatively more guaranteed. In addition, well-known brand manufacturers of equipment production efficiency, low incidence of common failures, the natural price will be higher than small brand manufacturers of machinery and equipment.

3. Quality of BGA repair platform and perfection of after-sales maintenance service

No matter what kind of equipment, used for a long time, more or less will produce some problems. Especially like BGA repair table this kind of equipment with a service life of more than ten years, if the after-sales maintenance service is perfect, its price will be higher when purchasing equipment, because in addition to the machine and equipment itself, the service content is more, the period is long; On the contrary, if there is no after-sales service, the price is of course much lower.

Network editor calls on you, we should consider multiple reasons in the selection of BGA repair platform, price is only on the one hand, brand manufacturers and after-sales maintenance service reasons are also crucial. Datafeng Technology is a well-known enterprise specializing in the production of BGA repair table, PCBA base repair equipment, advanced machinery and equipment, strong technical force.


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