Affordable and high performance BGA repair table how to choose?

January 05, 2023

For customers who do not know much about BGA repair table, the most concerned should be the price. So how to buy affordable and high performance BGA repair equipment? Let Datafeng Technology share with you.

1. Identify requirements

We want to determine the purchase of BGA repair table must meet their needs, according to the characteristics of their own products, production efficiency needs and equipment manufacturers to negotiate, the better way is to take the actual test to determine whether the equipment meets the requirements, at least to determine what kind of configuration in line with their own conditions, such as, the degree of automation of equipment; Operational problems; Success rate of repair; Repair time or temperature control accuracy, these users need to understand.

2. Consider the working mode of welding

We need to consider the working mode of welding, that is, how the BGA repair table needs to operate, the need for full automation, semi-automation, or complete manual operation, for general factories, automatic optical BGA repair table or the majority, after all, the enterprise is the pursuit of efficiency, can save a lot of time cost and manpower and material costs. For individual maintenance, it may be inclined to semi-automatic or manual BGA repair table, after all, its purchase cost saves a lot of capital, the market has a universal welding table, there are also individual special reasons, and it does need to be customized.

3. After-sales service of equipment

The after-sales service of the equipment is also very important, some products are relatively expensive, but their warranty service is more guaranteed, when it comes to the problem of warranty, not equipment failure to replace the parts can be provided by the user for free, here the warranty generally refers to the technical maintenance is free, that is to say, if the product can be restored after failure through technical maintenance is free, However, if it is not necessary to replace the parts, the user needs to pay for it, so the user should also confirm this problem with the manufacturer when buying the equipment, to prevent unnecessary disputes in the future.


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