How to set the temperature curve of BGA repair table

January 06, 2023

The working principle of BGA reverse repair platform is the same as that of reflow welding, which is divided into four stages: preheating, constant temperature, welding and cooling. The main focus of setting the curve of BGA repair equipment is to test the temperature when the melting point of BGA. The following is an introduction to the temperature curve setting of Datafeng Technology repair equipment, hoping to help you.

1. Fix the plate to be dismantled and welded on the BGA repair table support frame.

2. Choose an appropriate air nozzle, which is required to cover the BGA chip completely.

3. Plug the end of the temperature measuring wire into the temperature measuring interface of the BGA repair table, and plug the other end of the temperature measuring head into the bottom of the BGA chip. (For scrap plates, drill holes in the bottom of the BGA and bury them to make the test more accurate.)

4. Set the temperature

5. Start the machine, test the temperature, and prepare a pair of tweezers. First of all, the melting point with lead temperature is 183 degrees, and the melting point without lead is 217 degrees. During the test, we can measure whether the board is lead or lead free.

6. When the surface temperature reaches 215 degrees, continuously touch the chip with tweezers, pay attention to be light. If the tweezers touch the chip, the melting point of the chip is reached, and you can watch the temperature measured outside.

7, modify the curve, after knowing the melting point of the chip can be modified on the basis of the original curve, you touch the BGA chip with tweezers is its melting point, this is set as the higher temperature of welding, the time set about 25 seconds.

The above is used as a curve for setting adjustments that are completely unaware of the presence or absence of lead. If you know whether the board has lead or no lead, just look at the temperature of the thermometer line. When the actual temperature with lead reaches 183 degrees, the temperature of the BGA surface is set to higher temperature. When the actual temperature without lead reaches 217 degrees, the temperature of the BGA surface is set to higher temperature.

Conclusion: The melting point temperature of BGA is related to many factors, such as:

1, the packaging of BGA, iron shell will be higher than ordinary packaging temperature, because the iron shell will absorb heat, heat dissipation quickly.

2. The thickness of the board, the thicker the board, the higher the temperature will be, and vice versa.


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