Buy a fully automatic BGA repair table price? What do you mainly watch?

February 01, 2023

Automatic BGA repair table has the advantages of fully automatic welding and mounting the whole process, one-key generation repair temperature curve, easy operation, so the market demand is large for a long time. How much does it cost to buy a fully automatic BGA repair platform? It mainly depends on the following aspects.

First, model selection

In the market is relatively popular automatic BGA repair table models DT-F750,DT-F630, small series I learned from the market survey, if there is a need to repair the BGA chip then you need to buy DT-F750, automatic BGA back price range of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of different. There are many aspects to consider, such as configuration, manufacturers, market supply and demand, etc.

Two, configuration requirements

Any type of fully automatic BGA repair table, there are its configuration standards, take the fully automatic BGA repair table DT-F750 as an example, Shenzhen Da Tai Feng technology developed fully automatic BGA repair table, configuration includes a key to generate temperature curve function, can repair large size BGA chip, The domestic innovative image system and the function of automatic dismantling and mounting of BGA chips can meet different configuration requirements of different customers. Datafeng will try its best to meet each customer's customized requirements under the premise of not affecting the repair yield of BGA repair table.

Three, manufacturer selection

There are many manufacturers of automatic BGA repair table, and the prices of different manufacturers are different. For BGA repair technology manufacturers like Datafeng with the world's leading, more important is the quality of machinery and equipment and reputation of service, so there are higher requirements in the configuration of automatic BGA repair table, and machines and equipment are equipped with perfect after-sales service, customers choose to cooperate with Datafeng, Fully automatic BGA repair table price is higher than those small workshop production fully automatic BGA repair table price, because the small factory only care about the interests, do not care about reputation and quality, but most customers value, or the quality of machinery and equipment and service.

The above is about to buy a fully automatic BGA repair table how much to carry out all the content and analysis, if you need to know the specific model, the specific configuration of the fully automatic BGA repair table price, you can go to search.


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