Batch BGA chip repair how to choose the right BGA repair table?

February 01, 2023

A large number of BGA chip repair companies in the selection of BGA repair table can consider the product characteristics of automatic repair, temperature control (that is, we often say three temperature zone temperature control), optical alignment repair, that the customer in the selection of what is usually based on to determine the model specifications and configuration. In this article, Datafeng BGA repair platform small make up to tell you about a large number of BGA chip repair companies choose BGA repair platform standard requirements.

1. It depends on the number of BGA chips to be repaired

The repair quantity of BGA repair table can only be obtained by purchasing customers' specific chip repair test, which is absolutely not subjective. Therefore, customers must make specific plans before purchasing BGA repair table equipment, including research and analysis, equipment type confirmation, repair quantity, repair yield, etc. Avoid the confirmation of BGA repair platform is completely unfounded, subjective purchase will cause the purchased equipment can not meet the repair demand, resulting in increased operating costs.

2. Decide according to the size of the repaired chip

It depends on whether it belongs to the BGA chip repair of the large board or the BGA chip repair of the small board. If it is the large board, we can consider the model specification of DEZ-R880A, which is also convenient to operate the needs of the large board. If you want to repair the BGA chip of the small board, then you can choose DEZ-R850 to ensure that your repair requirements are met.

3. Equipment according to the requirement of BGA chip repair efficiency

If your company for BGA chip repair efficiency is relatively high, need to reduce labor costs, choose automatic repair, then you can choose Da Tai Feng BGA repair table DT-F750. If you are not very efficient for repair then you can choose manual BGA repair table.


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