No need to change the number of 5G mobile phone BGA repair platform support 5G mobile phone chip repair

February 01, 2023

BGA repair platform was perfected in BGA chip repair process last month, which is also perfect for the currently very hot 5G mobile phone.

As the year's mainstream, 5G phones have already made phone makers popular.

Zhang Yunyong, head of the research institute of China Unicom, said that although the price of 5G has not been determined, it will certainly not be more expensive than 4G, according to China Entrepreneur.

To enjoy 5G service, you only need to replace your 5G mobile phone, and you do not need to change your mobile phone card and number.

During two sessions this year, Miao Wei, minister of Industry and Information Technology, made it clear that the average tariff on mobile network traffic will be reduced by 20 in 2019.

According to previous mobile forecasts, the initial price of 5G phones will be above 8,000 yuan, but it is expected to drop to around 1,000 yuan by 2020.

For now, mobile phone manufacturers are eager to wait for the 5G switch.

Since the beginning of last year, three domestically produced 5G phones, including Xiaomi, ZTE and Huawei, have been unveiled.

At the beginning of this year, a proposal was made to issue temporary 5G licenses in several cities, and trial products by the three major operators have been launched one after another.

Based on the current progress, China's 5G services will be commercialized in 2022-2023.


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