BGA repair table manufacturers what do well

February 03, 2023

BGA repair table is generally used for BGA chip repair, also known as BGA welding table, BGA repair table or BGA repair station. BGA repair table is a very mature repair equipment in the BGA chip repair industry. For BGA repair table which is better, that is the opinion of the people. The following is the Da Tai Feng technology BGA repair table manufacturer Xiaobian with us to objectively analyze how to choose BGA repair table, which manufacturers should buy.

Select the chip to be repaired

For example, you want to repair the graphics card, but the graphics card is also divided into good and bad, usually the better the graphics card repair difficulty is higher, then you have to choose to do quality clearance, large enterprises are using the BGA repair platform manufacturers.

Select according to the specifications of the chip to be repaired

This is also a good way to choose BGA repair table manufacturers. Report the size you want to repair to the corresponding BGA repair table manufacturers, and then ask them to offer appropriate products according to the parameters you gave.

Select the manufacturer according to the operating performance of BGA repair table

For example, you are looking for automatic BGA repair table, if your budget is sufficient then you can find high-end repair table, if the budget is insufficient then you can choose ordinary automatic BGA repair table. On the contrary, if you want a manual BGA repair table, you can directly find a manual BGA repair table manufacturer to quote information.

To sum up, so which BGA repair platform manufacturers do well, and can not be completely generalized but to look at things dialectically. To tell which BGA repair table manufacturers do well, it depends on who their reference pair is. If you take the manual BGA repair table and high-end BGA repair table to compare, there is certainly no comparison. Here we suggest that you choose the BGA repair platform brand or choose a better one, similar to Da Tai Feng technology manufacturers, after all, is to use the mechanical equipment for a long time, a good enterprise is able to ensure after-sales service.


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