How much is the automatic repair table?

February 07, 2023

Many people in the purchase of automatic BGA repair platform do not understand the price situation, do not know how to choose, in order to let you can choose to this more suitable automatic BGA repair platform, the following Xiaobian will tell you to buy an automatic BGA repair platform how much money.

Here Xiaobian suggests that you do not only look at the price when choosing the repair table, you can understand the performance characteristics of the product from the following aspects, because after all, the repair table is a machine that needs long-term use, if the purchase is not good, there will be a lot of trouble on the opposite side.

1. Whether it can be repaired automatically

As BGA repair table is divided into automatic, semi-automatic and manual repair three forms, different forms of repair offer is not the same, so we do not rush to make a decision after understanding its price, to ask whether the manufacturer is automatic.

2. How much repair yield can be achieved

Although many people are more concerned about the price when selecting BGA repair platform, we must not ignore the repair good rate, otherwise spent money to buy the machine repair good rate is not high to meet the requirements of high repair good rate that is more than worth the loss.

3. Oral or domestic

Whether the BGA repair table is imported is also related to the price, some imported brands have a price of about 800,000 to 2 million, if your budget is not so much that you do not need to consider, the real repair rate of this machine is not much different. In short, we must understand clearly the yield of repair, it is best to let the manufacturer cooperate with the trial, and then buy the appropriate.

4. After-sales service of the manufacturer

Xiaobian put forward this point is also seen that there are a lot of people bought equipment, manufacturers can not keep up with the after-sales maintenance service, the machine has problems do not know who to find maintenance. Like this situation is generally some small suppliers or small manufacturers will appear. It's also relatively cheap when you buy it.

To sum up the above four points, Xiaobian reminds you not to blindly compare the price when selecting automatic BGA repair table, but also to fully consider the overall strength of the supplier, after-sales maintenance service, machine quality, machine performance, repair yield and other factors, which is the most important. Otherwise, the purchase of a repair table is not suitable for their own even if the price is cheaper to meet your repair requirements can not solve the problem.


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