What are the characteristics of bga repair table manufacturers that do better?

February 10, 2023

As we all know, the BGA repair table belongs to the BGA chip repair equipment used for a long time. To select a good BGA repair table will get twice the result with half the effort, which is why so many people go around to ask the manufacturer of the good BGA repair table to consult and understand before buying. Recently, a small partner consulted Da Tai Feng BGA repair table manufacturer Xiaobian, to recommend a good BGA repair table. Then we will analyze the characteristics of good BGA repair table manufacturers. We mainly from the product technical characteristics and after-sales service two dimensions to cut into the analysis.

I. From the point of view of product technical characteristics:

To purchase a suitable BGA for repair, we should first consider the technical characteristics and quality of the products of the manufacturer. The first step equipment operation method should be as simple as possible, the best choice of one-button operation, so as to reduce the operation time and error. Secondly, the BGA repair platform should choose the right brand. Moreover, in the process of purchasing, we also have to evaluate the product quality. How to see it specifically? In fact, we can judge it by the cooperative customer groups of the BGA repair table manufacturers. If the cooperative users are basically international enterprises, then this company's equipment must have no problem at all, because the audit process of large enterprises is quite strict, can pass the audit and become a cooperative customer, indicating that the manufacturer is very outstanding.

Second, from the after-sales service

Here it is suggested to find a manufacturer with after-sales service to buy, the machine has been used for a long time, this or that problem is inevitable, then it needs to be solved by the manufacturer's after-sales service team to assist. Like Datafeng BGA repair platform manufacturers basically have a special after-sales service team to solve problems for customers one on one, to solve after-sales problems faster and faster.

Personal summary, so from the above to judge, buy BGA repair table manufacturers to calm down one by one comparison, or ask manufacturers to carry out repair test, presumably this way can find your own BGA repair table manufacturers.


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