Necessary Conditions for Professional BGA Rework Platform Manufacturer

February 11, 2023

With the application of BGA chips becoming more and more common, many people have joined the field of BGA repair industry, but the current market is full of uneven BGA repair manufacturers. For consumers who need to buy BGA rework equipment, it is particularly difficult to find a more professional BGA rework equipment manufacturer! Don't worry! Dataifeng Technology Editor will help you!This article summarizes five prerequisites for professional BGA rework table manufacturers, which are convenient for you to refer to when choosing BGA rework table manufacturers. The following is a detailed explanation:1. Reputation: The professional BGA rework table manufacturer must have experienced the test of the market, accumulated a relatively good market reputation, and has a very good manufacturing strength and a relatively large scale of operation.2. Good product: The manufacturer of professional BGA rework table must meet the conditions that the quality of BGA rework equipment should be excellent, the production process should be mature, the product pricing should be scientific and reasonable, the quality of consumable parts should be better, and the service life should be long.3. Good reputation: The professional BGA rework bench manufacturer must have a good reputation inside and outside the industry, which can be known by investigating the customer base of the BGA rework bench manufacturer.4. Strict system: The manufacturer of professional BGA rework platform will have strict system and requirements in many aspects such as installation and commissioning of BGA rework equipment, operation training, warranty, consumable parts and technical guidance.5. Good service: The manufacturer of professional BGA rework table will definitely have a complete pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service system, especially the after-sale service, which can reflect the professional level, reputation and reputation of the manufacturer. The above are all the conditions that a professional BGA rework platform manufacturer must have. Dataifeng Technology is a supplier of PCBA substrate rework process and equipment solutions. Since its establishment, it has developed well and received unanimous praise and praise.


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