Comparison of various types of repair capabilities of BGA repair table

February 17, 2023

The BGA rework station can be divided into various types according to different benchmarks, and the more common ones are the automatic BGA rework station and the manual BGA repair station. Which type of BGA repair station has the ability to repair? Let's compare them together. What are the differences between the capabilities of a fully automatic BGA rework station and a manual BGA rework station? The full-automatic BGA rework table can rework the BGA chip with a large amount of rework, strong continuity and high reliability. Especially, it can save a lot of labor costs and has a high repair yield. In the repair process, it can quickly complete full-automatic disassembly and welding without manual control by employees, which greatly reduces the difference caused by human factors in operation.Moreover, the full-automatic BGA rework table adopts the automatic generation of rework temperature curve. The full-automatic development interface of the machine and equipment can draw an ideal temperature curve by moving seven points on the interface with the help of the mouse. The machine and equipment will automatically set the parameters of each temperature zone according to the temperature curve, and quickly form a reliable rework curve. And the full-automatic BGA rework table has a flexible and easy-to-use PCBA substrate placing platform, and can rework PCBA substrates with different sizes and shapes.The common automatic BGA rework stations are Dataifeng DT-F630 and Dataifeng DT-F750. The rework capability of BGA chips is very powerful. The manual BGA rework station has a low rework yield and efficiency, and is only suitable for companies or individual repairers with a small amount of BGA chip rework. The general manual BGA rework station can only rework simple BGA chips, which is difficult to achieve for the rework requirements with higher precision, because the manual BGA rework station does not have the function of alignment system and automatic temperature curve generation.Common manual BGA rework stations are: Dataifeng DT-F350, which can be matched with equipment according to customer needs, and the rework capability is low. All in all, the fully automatic BGA rework station has a stronger rework capability.


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