What should I pay attention to when buying a BGA rework station

February 28, 2023

It is believed that many people who want to buy a BGA rework table will have some questions before buying it. Here I will give you a general analysis of some problems that need to be paid attention to when choosing a BGA rework table. One, the price.Is the higher the price, the better? The higher the price, the higher the degree of automation, the more complete functions … . However, it may not be suitable, we should consider according to our own situation, and we can not blindly measure the quality of BGA rework table by price. Only what suits you is better.Second, look at the brand and after-sales service.Generally speaking, the quality, technology, and after-sales service of big brands are relatively more secure. Don't buy small brands for the sake of small bargains. If there is any problem, there will be no place to repair it, which will delay time and things.Third, functional aspects.1 Independent three-zone temperature control system.This is a very important feature. The three-temperature zone BGA rework table mainly means that the upper part, the lower part and the bottom of the machine can be heated independently. The two-temperature zone on the market generally omits the bottom infrared preheating or the bottom hot air. It is not recommended to buy, because there is no need to reduce the quality of repair in order to save a little money.2 Safety protection function.The rework bench you bought should be equipped with an emergency stop switch and an automatic power-off protection device for abnormal accidents; in the case of temperature out of control, the circuit can automatically cut off the power; it can prevent the components from being crushed, so as to ensure that the damage of PCB and components and the damage of the machine itself can be avoided under any abnormal conditions.The above points are for reference only, but there are others, such as the size of the PCB splint, and look at its power, what material the heating parts are made of, and then look at the curve that can be stored, whether it is a visual or optical rework table, you have to choose according to your own situation. After reading so much, now you should know what you should pay attention to when buying a BGA rework table?


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