What equipment is good and fast for BGA batch tin scraping!

March 10, 2023

Usually BGA planting tin is to use a universal planting table or a customized planting table to scrape tin, but this can only meet a small amount of BGA planting tin, one person a day can only plant tin about 1 W at most, if it is a large number of batches, it can not catch up, now to introduce a batch of tin planting equipment, fast and good speed, that is, automatic tin scraping machine.It can scrape BGA tin in batches.

Main performance and features of this machine: ● Independent precision control system 1.Mitsubishi industrial control system, motion control and function of diverse fast, stable performance, simple and clear operation, one-button operation!Applicable to batch tin printing operation; 2.The positioning accuracy is high, the repeated positioning accuracy is ± 0.012 mm, and the printing accuracy is 0.015 mm.3. PLC control can improve production efficiency, control quality and save cost: electric lifting platform steel mesh positioning; semi-automatic printing; 4.The imported electric lifting platform is used to control the separation of the mold and the steel mesh, and the speed and stroke can flexibly realize a variety of demoulding methods.5. Integrated fixture fixed positioning system, steel mesh positioning convenient, fast and accurate.6. Chip thickness can be adjusted by electric platform.● It can store the setting parameters and memorize the positions of different BGA chip templates, and can set and correct the parameters on the touch screen at any time; at the same time, it can download, print, save and analyze the program through its own USB port without relying on an external device (computer).● Multifunctional and humanized operating system adopts high-definition touch screen human-machine interface, high-definition display of real-time data, industrial 5-inch industrial display screen, more convenient operation; equipped with rapid positioning induction switch, locking device, easy to install and replace.

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