Bga rework table heating problem

March 21, 2023

What are the specific problems of BGA heating?How to do it?From the principle of physics, there are three ways of heat transmission: conduction, convection and radiation.Because the BGA rework device is not in direct contact with the specific rework object, it does not include the conduction mode and mainly relies on the other two modes.Respectively consider the following preheating and upper heating: Preheating: Because it is placed below, both convection and radiation heat conduction modes can be obtained, whether or not a blowing device is used.Convection can rely on the physical phenomenon of hot air rising, and radiation should not be affected by gravity conditions, so the propagation conditions of preheating are good and the reaction speed is fast.With infrared or ordinary electric furnace, as long as the heating area is sufficient and the temperature control is reasonable, it should be relatively easy to achieve.

Upper heating: 1. Infrared windless: because the hot air rises instead of pressing down, this kind of conduction can not be obtained, only radiation can play a role, the conduction is single, causing lag and difficult to control;2. Hot air: There are two kinds of hot air: infrared heating air and separate hot air. The hot air is forced to be added (no matter with an air pump or a fan). It is forced to accelerate convection. It is easy to control (through wind speed and wind volume). The lag effect is small.If there is infrared radiation, it only plays an auxiliary role.Forced convection is actually an indirect conduction, and the air is the medium.The practice shows that the air flow control mode for upper heating is superior to the simple infrared heating.If we design and manufacture by ourselves, we should seriously consider the physical principles and the factors that we are doing repair on the earth.

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