Introduction to Simple Operation of BGA Rework Station

March 27, 2023

Today, the editor will introduce the BGA rework table to you, hoping to help you ~ BGA is a chip packaging technology.The equipment for repairing BGA chips is called BGA rework station, and the scope of repair includes all kinds of packaged chips.BGA improves the performance of digital products and reduces the volume of products through ball grid array structure.All digital products through this packaging technology have the common characteristics of small size, strong performance, low cost and strong function.The BGA rework station is a machine used to repair BGA chips.When a chip problem is found and must be repaired, it is necessary to use the BGA rework station for repair.This is the function of the BGA rework station.Let's take a look at the advantages of the BGA rework station. First of all, the rework success rate is high.At present, the success rate of the new generation of optical alignment BGA rework table launched by our company can be achieved when repairing BGA.At present, the mainstream heating methods are full infrared, full hot air, and two hot air and one infrared. The heating method of the domestic BGA rework table is generally upper and lower hot air, and the bottom infrared preheating has three temperature zones (the BGA rework table with two temperature zones only has upper hot air and bottom preheating, which is relatively backward compared with the three temperature zones).Our company mainly uses this heating method. The upper and lower heating heads are heated by heating wires and the hot air is led out by airflow. The bottom preheating can be divided into dark infrared heating tube, infrared heating plate or infrared light wave heating plate to heat the whole PCB board.

Secondly, the operation is simple.Use the BGA rework station to repair the BGA, and you can become a BGA rework master in seconds.Simple upper and lower heating: heated by hot air and controlled by tuyeres.Heat is concentrated on the BGA to prevent damage to surrounding components.And the probability of board deformation can be effectively reduced through the convection effect of the upper and lower hot air.In fact, this part is equivalent to a hot air gun plus a tuyere, but the temperature of the BGA rework table can be adjusted according to the set temperature curve.Bottom preheating plate: preheat, remove moisture inside PCB and BGA, effectively reduce the temperature difference between the heating center and the periphery, and reduce the probability of board deformation.The operation panel of the BGA rework station is the fixture for holding the PCB board and the lower PCB support frame, which plays a role in fixing and supporting the PCB board and plays an important role in preventing the board from deforming.Optical precise alignment through the screen, as well as automatic welding and automatic desoldering functions.Under normal circumstances, it is very difficult to weld BGA by heating alone. The most important thing is to heat and weld according to the temperature curve.This is also the key difference between using a BGA rework station and a hot air gun to disassemble and weld BGA.At present, most BGA rework tables can be directly reworked by setting the temperature. Although the hot air gun can control the temperature, it can not intuitively observe the real-time temperature. Sometimes, it is easy to burn out the BGA directly after heating.And fourthly, that BGA chip and the PCB board are not easy to be damage by using the BGA rework table.As we all know, when repairing BGA, high temperature heating is needed. At this time, the requirement for temperature control accuracy is very high. A slight error may lead to the scrap of BGA chips and PCB boards.The temperature control accuracy of the BGA rework table can be within 2 degrees, so as to ensure the integrity of the chip in the process of reworking the BGA chip, which is also one of the functions that the hot air gun can not compare.The ultimate core of our success in repairing BGA is the problem of temperature and board deformation, which is the key technical problem.The machine avoids human factors to a large extent, so that the repair success rate can be improved and maintained stable.And fifthly, that BGA rework station can also prevent the solder from flow to other bonding pads, thereby realizing the uniform size of the sol balls.After washing the BGA, it can be aligned and mounted on the PCB, and then flow again. At this point, the component has been reworked. It is necessary to point out that it is impossible to completely remove impurities in time by washing the pads manually.Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a fully automatic BGA rework station when purchasing a BGA rework station, which can save you most of the time, personnel costs and money. Although the price of a fully automatic BGA repair station is relatively high, the rework efficiency and performance are incomparable to those of a manual BGA repair station. Therefore, please do a good job of evaluation and comparison before purchasing.The above is the whole content of the function of the BGA rework table introduced by the editor.The BGA rework station is mainly used for reworking BGA chips. If you want to know more about the function of the BGA rework station or need to consult a BGA reworking station with high rework yield, you can search for Dataifeng.

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