What is the difference between BGA and PGA packages?

March 29, 2023

BGA and PGA are a kind of chip packaging, the pins are in the lower part of the chip, when soldered, the pins can not be seen, and the price is very high.BGA and PGA look similar in appearance, but there is a big difference between them.

The difference between BGA and PGA can be carefully distinguished from the following aspects.BGA Package Introduction Memory packaged with BGA technology can increase the memory capacity by two to three times with the same volume. Compared with TSOP, BGA has smaller volume, better thermal performance and electrical performance.BGA packaging technology has greatly improved the storage capacity per square inch. The volume of memory products using BGA packaging technology is only one third of that of TSOP packaging at the same capacity. In addition, compared with the traditional TSOP packaging method, BGA packaging method has a faster and more effective way to dissipate heat.The I/O terminals of the BGA package are distributed under the package in the form of circular or columnar solder joints in an array. The advantage of the BGA technology is that although the number of I/O pins is increased, the pitch of the pins is increased instead of being reduced, thereby improving the assembly yield. Although its power consumption is increased, the BGA can be soldered by a controllable collapse chip method, thereby improving its electrothermal performance;Compared with the prior packaging technology, the thickness and the weight are reduced; the parasitic parameters (output voltage disturbance caused by large current change) are reduced, the signal transmission delay is small, and the use frequency is greatly improved; and coplanar welding can be used for assembly, so that the reliability is high.Introduction to PGA package PGA package is called (Pin Grid Array Package) in English and pin grid array package technology in Chinese. The chip packaged by this technology has a plurality of square array pins inside and outside, and each square array pin is arranged at a certain distance along the periphery of the chip. According to the number of pins,It can be enclosed in 2 to 5 circles.When installing, plug the chip into a dedicated PGA socket.1. Seen from the appearance of the pin, the pin of BGA is spherical, which is usually directly welded on the PCB board. The desoldering requires a special BGA rework station, which cannot be desoldered by individuals. The pin of PGA is needle-shaped. When installing, PGA can be inserted into a special PGA socket, which is convenient for disassembly.Second, from the perspective of cost, BGA is developed on the basis of PGA. The technology of BGA is more advanced, the welding is simpler than that of PGA, and the price is cheaper than that of PGA. PGA is an older packaging method, the welding is more troublesome, and the price is higher.BGA is much more cost-effective than PGA.Third, from the application point of view, BGA is a chip born to adapt to small and thin electronic products. The chip has higher integration and stronger functions. It is generally used on thinner notebook motherboards (such as X series notebooks).PGA is an older chip with a larger size than BGA, which is generally used in desktop computers (generally used in T series, with replaceable CPU at any time).BGA and PGA are surface mount components. Nowadays, PGA is less used. BGA is more popular and widely used.

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