Six Considerations When Selecting BGA Rework Equipment

April 08, 2023

With the development of technology, in this era when BGA rework equipment has gradually replaced the air gun, we need to spend more time when selecting BGA equipment.So what should we pay attention to when choosing this product?In response to this question, we have answered it in six points in the following content.Note 1: Considering from the operation control system of the machine, the operation control system of the machine generally includes instrument, touch screen and computer control.The operation of the instrument is too complicated, the price of the computer is relatively expensive, and the touch screen is relatively practical.Note 2: Consider the size of the BGA chip to choose the appropriate size of the BGA chip machine, the larger the better.Note 3: Select by temperature accuracy. As we all know, temperature accuracy is the core of BGA rework equipment, and the industry standard is plus or minus 3 degrees.The smaller the temperature difference, the better, which can be simulated by furnace temperature tester.Note 4: The upper infrared heating equipment can be selected. The main reason for this recommendation is that there are many types of BGA and a wide range of classifications. It is recommended to select the upper infrared heating equipment to cope with different BGAs, which require convenience, accuracy and high efficiency.Note 5: Choose by making the board area. If the board area is too small, the board can not be preheated well, which can easily cause deformation, blistering, yellowing, fault and other problems.Therefore, when choosing BGA equipment, it is necessary to choose by making board area.Note 6: Different temperature zones of the equipment can be applied to different ranges.For example, in the three temperature zones, the upper and lower parts locally heat the BGA chip, and the bottom part preheats the whole board.The two temperature zones are less than the lower temperature zone, and the success rate of making smaller or simple BGA chips is OK, such as iron shell packaging or larger BGA chips, the two temperature zones are difficult to meet.After the introduction of the above six items, do you have more direction when choosing BGA repair equipment?

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