High repair success rate and simple operation are the greater advantages of BGA repair table.

April 25, 2023

The BGA rework platform is divided into optical alignment and non-optical alignment. The optical alignment adopts split prism imaging through the optical module. The non-optical alignment is to align the BGA with the naked eye according to the PCB screen printing line and point, so as to achieve the alignment rework.The BGA rework station is a device for reheating and soldering the BGA with poor soldering, and it cannot repair the quality problem of the BGA component itself.However, according to the current level of technology, the probability of BGA components leaving the factory with problems is very low.If there is a problem, there will only be poor welding caused by temperature at the SMT process end and the latter part, such as empty welding, false welding, false welding, tin connection and other welding problems.However, many individuals will also use it to repair notebook computers, mobile phones, XBOX, desktop motherboards and so on.1. High repair success rate.The optical alignment BGA rework station can achieve the success rate when repairing the BGA.At present, the mainstream heating methods are full infrared, full hot air, and two hot air and one infrared. The heating method of the domestic BGA rework table is generally upper and lower hot air, and the bottom infrared preheating has three temperature zones (the BGA rework table with two temperature zones only has upper hot air and bottom preheating, which is relatively backward compared with the three temperature zones).The upper and lower heating heads are heated by heating wires and the hot air is led out by airflow, and the bottom preheating can be divided into a dark infrared heating tube, an infrared heating plate or an infrared light wave heating plate to heat the whole PCB.And 2, that operation is simple.Use the BGA rework station to repair BGA, and you can become a BGA rework master in seconds.Simple upper and lower heating: heated by hot air and controlled by tuyeres.The heat is concentrated on the BGA to prevent the surrounding components from being damaged, and the probability of board deformation can be effectively reduced through the convection of the upper and lower hot air.In fact, this part is equivalent to a dry hot air gun plus a nozzle, but the temperature of the BGA table can be adjusted according to the set temperature curve.Bottom preheating plate: It can preheat, remove moisture inside PCB and BGA, effectively reduce the temperature difference between the heating center and the periphery, and reduce the probability of board deformation.

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