It turns out that BGA ball planting is so simple!

April 29, 2023

Nowadays, with the mainstream development trend of miniaturization of electronic products, the material pin design of BGA packaging will be more and more dense, and the difficulty of soldering will be greater and greater, which will bring difficulties to production and repair. The reliability of BGA soldering is always discussed.The low success rate of BGA ball planting is a problem that novices have been worrying about. Now we provide some experience of BGA ball planting. I hope it will be helpful to you.In the maintenance process, the disassembled BGA device can be reused in general, but because the solder ball at the bottom of the BGA is damaged to different degrees after disassembly, it can be used only after the BGA is re-planted. According to the different tools and materials of BGA ball planting, the method of BGA ball planting is also different. No matter what method is used,The process is the same.Nowadays, there are two popular BGA ball planting technologies in the industry: one is "solder paste"+"solder ball", and the other is "soldering paste"+"solder ball".Among them, "solder paste"+"solder ball" is recognized as the best and most standard BGA ball planting method in the industry. The solder paste can stick to the solder ball, which makes the contact surface of the solder ball larger when heating, so that the solder ball can be heated faster and more comprehensively, so that the soldering performance between the soldering ball and the BGA pad after melting tin is better and the possibility of false soldering is reduced.The ball planted by the BGA ball planting method has good weldability and good luster, does not have the phenomenon of ball running in the tin melting process, and is easy to control and hold.In the second BGA ball planting method, because the characteristics of the flux paste are very different from those of the solder paste, the flux paste will become liquid when the temperature rises, which is easy to cause the solder balls to run away, and the soldering performance is relatively poor, so the first BGA ball planting method is the most ideal.Of course, no matter what kind of BGA ball planting method, it needs a special tool such as a ball planting table to complete.Operation method/steps of BG BG ball planting: ( "solder paste"+"solder ball") 1. First prepare the tools for BGA ball planting, and clean the steel mesh for ball planting to prevent the solder ball from rolling unsmoothly: 2. Place the chips that have been arranged on the base of the ball planting table.3. Cover the tin scraping frame. 4. Print tin on the tin scraping steel mesh. Try to control the angle, strength and pulling speed of hand scraping. Remove the tin scraping frame after completion.5. After confirming that each BGA pad is uniformly printed with solder paste, put the solder ball frame on and position it, then put in the solder ball, shake the ball planting table from front to back and from side to side, and let the solder ball roll into the mesh. After confirming that each mesh has a solder ball, you can collect the solder balls and remove the sol ball frame.6. Take out the BGA that has just been planted with balls from the base for baking. It is best to use reflow soldering, but if the amount is small, you can use a heating platform to heat it, and use a hot air gun to assist in melting the balls. In this way, the ball planting is completed.In the "solder paste"+ * solder ball"BGA ball planting method, only 3" 4 steps are combined into one step, and the solder paste is directly and evenly applied to the BGA pad with a brush instead of printing the solder paste with a steel mesh. Other operation methods are basically the same.According to the above method of operation, do BGA fine ball is a success, as long as the novice colleagues according to the steps of careful operation, will soon become a BGA master.Of course, now there are BGA tin planting tables and different bead-planting steel nets, which make BGA ball planting simpler. Customized ball planting tables have more advantages than ordinary universal ball planting tables on the market. They have high output value and do not need to be adjusted. At the same time, they can plant several or dozens of BGA balls.For the same 1000 chips, the efficiency of the customized ball planting table can be increased by more than 70%, and even the smallest chip can be planted, 0.2MM-0.76MM.


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