How to choose flux scientifically?

May 06, 2023

Flux is one of the most important auxiliary materials in the electronic industry, which directly affects the quality and stability of electronic products in the electronic assembly process.With the rapid development of modern information electronics industry, the demand for flux is large and the standard is becoming higher and higher.The main components of flux are usually composed of activator, solvent, surfactant and specific components.Specific ingredients include corrosion inhibitor, antioxidant, film-forming agent, etc. How to select a suitable product from many fluxes to meet the use of wave soldering process, first of all, we must correctly understand its technical performance indicators:

Specific gravity: The density of the solvent carrier in the flux is quite different from that of other components. The flux is lost due to volatilization during storage and use, resulting in the change of specific gravity. Therefore, the specific gravity can reflect the change of the flux concentration if necessary. Therefore, the specific gravity is applied to the control index in production.PH value: The flux removes the metal oxide on the surface of the welding metal through acidic reaction. The stronger the acidity is, the lower the PH value is, and the stronger the ability of the flux to be oxidized is. However, at the same time, the problem of over-reaction will corrode the metal substrate.Therefore, the acidity of the flux should be matched with the sensitivity of the metal material. It is not suitable to select the flux with too strong acidity for high-precision welding, or it must be cleaned after welding.Halogen content: Halogen has a strong ability to capture electrons. The appearance of a small amount of halogen will greatly improve the solderability of flux. However, the appearance of halogen not only has environmental pressure, but also has a direct impact on the stability of products.Therefore, the halogen content of the flux depends on the application scenario.Electrochemical migration: Electrochemical migration is also a further standard for the insulation resistance of the surface layer, and the insulation resistance of the surface layer of flux is known under more severe conditions.Of course, the larger this index is, the more beneficial it is to the post-welding products.In addition to the above detailed performance parameters, the insulation resistance of the surface layer is also included: the insulation resistance of the surface layer reflects the stability of the product after soldering.Copper mirror corrosivity: The level of flux corrosivity is a further test of the direct effect of acidity on the substrate.On the other hand, the type or technical requirements of the electronic products that must be assembled should be combined to select the appropriate flux products. Finally, the selected flux must be tested and evaluated reasonably and effectively. The flux of Dataifeng is better to use.

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