Discussion on the technical principle, functional characteristics and matters needing attention of BGA rework table

May 18, 2023

BGA rework station, as a kind of maintenance equipment in the electronic industry, is one of the extremely necessary equipment for the repair and maintenance of BGA chips.As BGA chips are used more and more widely, BGA rework tables are used more and more widely.This article will discuss the BGA rework table from the technical principle, the function characteristic, the use matters needing attention and so on.The rework of BGA chip needs to remove the soldered BGA chip first, and then install a new BGA chip.Removing the BGA chip requires heating at the bottom while the upper CSP (Chip Scale Package) falls off when heated, which requires a high level of technology.To complete this process, the BGA rework station needs to position the chip at the top while heating at the bottom to ensure the uniformity of heating and the stability of rework.Features The BGA rework station is mainly used for the removal and installation of BGA chips.It uses advanced infrared and ion fan technology to ensure the accuracy of repair, while meeting the maintenance needs of various types of mobile phones, laptops and other equipment.At the same time, an independent electronic temperature control technology is used in the BGA rework table, which can effectively control the soldering temperature and avoid the damage of chips caused by too high or too low temperature.Can ensure excellent maintenance effect and long service life.Precautions for use 1.When using the BGA rework station, be sure to find out the model and repair method of the chip first to avoid unnecessary losses.2. When using the BGA rework table, be sure to wear gloves, goggles and other maintenance equipment to avoid burns and injuries.3. When using the BGA rework station, we must pay attention to the environment and ventilation conditions to prevent fire caused by excessive heat.4. In the process of using, avoid exposing the heated chip and avoiding radiation.5. If the BGA rework station needs to be cleaned or repaired, it must be done after it is closed, and it cannot be forcibly disassembled or repaired during use.Conclusion BGA rework station is one of the necessary equipment in the repair of BGA chips.Through the elaboration of its advanced technical principles, functional characteristics and precautions, we can better grasp the use methods and skills of BGA rework station, so that it can be better applied to the field of electronic repair, and provide professional services and technical support for the repair and maintenance of equipment.

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