What are the functions of the optical rework table?

May 19, 2023

What are the functions of the optical rework table?

The optical alignment rework station is a kind of test equipment used to repair or improve semiconductor chips or other micro electronic components. Its main functions are as follows: 1.Alignment test: The optical alignment rework table can realize very high-precision alignment test through microscope and optical measurement technology to detect the position accuracy and corresponding position deviation between chip components, thus providing a certain guarantee for accurate rework and repair.2. Accurate repair: according to the results of the alignment test, repair the bad position of the chip components, so that the chip can meet the required accuracy and quality standards.The high accuracy, high reliability and high stability of the optical alignment repair table ensure the accuracy of the chip repair effect.3. Repeatability test: The optical alignment rework table can provide stable, high-precision and repeatable test, which is conducive to quickly determining the defective and fault areas, providing effective test data and information, and providing effective help for repair and improvement.4. Greatly improve the efficiency: Compared with other rework table equipment, the optical alignment rework table can greatly improve the working efficiency and accuracy, and improve the success rate of chip rework and the production efficiency of chips.In a word, the optical alignment rework platform plays a very important role in chip rework, test and adjustment. It can ensure the high accuracy, high display, high quality and high efficiency of the chip, improve product quality and reduce production costs. It is the key equipment in the field of semiconductor chip manufacturing.

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