BGA Optical Automatic Placement BGA Rework Station DT-F620 & 610

DT-F610 BGA rework station Features and parameters of DT-F610 rework station: 1. Independent three-temperature zone temperature control system 1. The upper and lower temperature zones are heated by hot air, the IR preheating zone is infrared heating, and the temperature is precisely controlled at ± 3 ° C.

BGA Rework Station DT-F610



DT-F610 Rework Station Features and Parameters:


I. Independent three temperature zone temperature control system

1. The upper and lower temperature areas are heated by hot air, the IR preheating area is infrared heating, and the temperature is accurately controlled at ± 3 ° C. The upper and lower heaters can be heated from the top of the components and the bottom of the PCB at the same time, and multiple temperature control can be set at the same time; IR The preheating zone can adjust the heating area according to actual requirements, so that the PCB board can be uniformly heated.

2. The BGA chip and the PCB can be heated by hot air at the same time, and the bottom of the PCB can be preheated by a large-area infrared heater, which can completely avoid the deformation of the PCB during the repair process. It can be used alone by choosing Upper temperature zone or lower temperature zone, and freely combine the energy of the upper and lower heating body.

3. Use high-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control and PID parameter auto-tuning system, which can display four temperature curves and store multiple sets of user data at the same time, and has the function of instantaneous curve analysis. The external temperature measurement interface achieves precise temperature detection. The temperature curve of the actual collected BGA can be analyzed and checked at any time.

4. Precise optical alignment system The image of this machine's optical alignment system is clear, and it can be enlarged up to 230 times of the components, and the placement accuracy can reach +/- 0.01mm. And it has spectroscopic two-color, zoom-in, zoom-out, and fine-tuning functions, and is equipped with a 15〃 high-definition LCD display.

Multifunctional humanized operating system

5. High-definition touch-screen human-machine interface. The interface can be set with "debugging interface" and "operation interface" to prevent mis-setting during operation. The integrated design of the upper heating device and the placement head can automatically identify the suction and placement. Height, with automatic welding and automatic desoldering functions, at the same time, the temperature can be set to 8 sections of heating and 6 sections of constant temperature control,

And can store N sets of temperature setting parameters, which can be called at any time according to different BGA. Equipped with a variety of titanium alloy BGA nozzles, which can be rotated 360 ° at will, which is easy to install and replace.

6.The PCB board positioning uses V-shaped grooves, which is fast, convenient and accurate to meet the layout of different PCB board layouts and the positioning of PCB boards of different sizes. It is equipped with a flexible and convenient movable universal fixture to protect the PCB board and prevent it. PCB edge device damage and PCB deformation, ensure the success rate of motherboard repair, and can adapt to various BGA package size rework.

Third, superior security protection function

7. This machine is CE certified, equipped with an emergency stop switch and automatic power-off protection device for abnormal accidents. It has an alarm function after welding or desoldering. The circuit can automatically power off when the temperature is out of control, and has dual over-temperature protection. . The temperature parameters are password protected to prevent multiple modifications, including multiple security protections and foolproof functions. It has superior security protection functions to ensure that PCB and component damage and machine damage are not repaired under any abnormal conditions.




Total Power

Max 5300W

Power Supply

AC 220V±10% 50/60Hz 


Upper temperature zone 1200W Lower temperature zone 1200W IR temperature zone 2700W 

Electronic Selection

Intelligent programmable temperature control system.

Temperature Control

K-type thermocouple closed-loop control: independent temperature measurement up and down, accurate temperature range ± 3 ℃


V-shaped card slot positioning

PCB Size

Max 410×370mm Min 65×65mm

Applicable PCB Size

Max 80×80mm Min 2×2mm 



Temperature Measurement Interface