Batch Reballing Case

Note: The customer needs a daily output of 3-5 million, and about 10 people are invested in the formula developed by our company: automatic soldering machine designed by Dataifeng, automatic ball planting machine solder ball is PSI lead-free ball shape, solder paste Self-use formula: PSI solder paste + high-quality tin powder DT-F120S teppanyaki 5 sets of tin removal tools and other supporting consumables. The effect chart is as follows at the end: The program achieves the daily output of the customer: about 40K.

Description: the customer needs a daily output of 30,000-50,000, and an input of about 10 people

The formula prescribed by our company:

Datafeng design of automatic tin machine, automatic ball planting machine


The tin ball is PSI without shot put, and the solder paste is self-used: PSI solder paste + high quality tin powder

Five dt-f120s tettagaki

Except the tin tool batch

And other supporting consumables.

The effect diagram is as follows



The daily output of the client: about 40K.