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Welding equipment refers to the equipment needed to realize the welding process, and different welding equipment. The same weldment can be welded, so we need to choose a more suitable welding equipment based on actual usage. When welding, the energy consumption of welding equipment is considerable. When selecting welding equipment, it should be considered as far as possible to select welding equipment with low power consumption and high power factor under the premise of meeting the process requirements. Welding equipment should be sturdy and durable, with stable working characteristics and good reliability. Welding parameter adjustment is convenient and intuitive, and can maintain stability in the long-term welding process, economical, practical, and easy to maintain.Dataifeng is a professional welding equipment manfacturer,specialized in custom welding equipment, welding machine for sale.Our welding equipment under the conditions of normal use and correct maintenance, the working life should be more than 10 years.